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What is the casing


The production and sale of ham, sausage and other meat products must be packaged.Packaging can be divided into inner and outer packing, packaging is mainly to make products and external isolation, keep health, so that consumers understand the product name,ingredients, weight, manufacturer, production date. The main purpose is to prevent the inner packaging in the manufacturing process and product shape is damaged, maintain productspecifications. Usually the first half in the manufacturing process of. We take the inner packing material commonly known as casing. Classification of sausage casing can be divided into natural casings and artificial casings. Day intestinal casings, using mainly animal offal is the longest in the small intestine, now generally sheep intestine so it is also called sheep casings, pig small intestine as casing is called hog casing. The past also used bovineintestinal and equine intestinal casings. Characteristics of these natural casing is good permeability, so the product is properly dried, smoked, smoked component attached to the product, people like flavor, and the casing can be eaten directly. Artificial casings are divided into permeable casing and non permeable casing. Permeability of the casing can be divided into edible and non edible casing two, edible casings with animal skin as raw material, its nature and natural casings phase approximation, we call the collagen casing, which is characterized by permeable and edible. Non edible casing includes cellulose casings andglass paper, cellulose casings can be divided into cellulose casings and fibrous casings,characteristics of this kind of casing is permeable but not edible. Now there is a non ediblecasing is made of plastic, the casing also has the permeability, and can be smoked, so check the name can be smoked plastic casing. Non permeable casing is mainly plastic casing,according to the different materials can be divided into poly vinylidene two vinyl chloride(PVDC) casings and nylon casings, according to the shape can be divided into differentshaped casing and the cylindrical casing. This kind of casing more varieties of different specifications, can be printed, easy to use, clean and beautiful, suitable for cooking products.